Experiential workshop of exploration of games, and situations of chance where intuition can fail us.

What are we going to do in the workshop?

Through the work in pairs, situations and games where intuition will be questioned. With experimentation and data taking we can see that reality is different from what we think. Each activity is accompanied by a brainstorm and a mathematical explanation of the situation. In the end it ends with a great mathematical "Bingo" where the students will test what they have learned.

More information about the activity

Needs of spaces and materials

It is necessary a classroom or a space with tables and chairs, slate, computer and projector.

Learning objectives

  • See mathematics in a much more playful context.
  • Mathematically modeling instructions.
  • Problem solving in context.
  • Enhancing nonverbal language and creativity.
  • Enjoy mathematics and enhance the mathematical conversation.


  • Introduction: Science as a method of anticipating uncertainty
  • Mathematics: patterns – formulas – algorithms = probability calculation
  • First situation: Birthday paradox
  • Second Situation: The Dark Bag, Confidence Interval, Computer Simulation
  • Third Situation: Monty Hall problem and the like
  • Final Activity: Bingo Probabilistic
  • Classroom extension activities

Evaluation criteria

  • Learn to analyze situations with chance.
  • Mathematically model the concept of probability as a measure of certainty in a randomized experiment.
  • Understand the mathematical concepts that appear in them.
  • Learn counter-intuitive situations, interesting to explore, reproduce and study.

Basic competences


Specific to living together and inhabiting the world



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