The Research, Creation and Service programme of the Department of Education

The MMACA is a collaborator of the Research, Creation and Service Programme promoted by the Department of Education.
This program is based on the approach of different types of challenges proposed to students by social, cultural and other entities, from the environment of educational centers, such as neighborhood associations, museums, NGOs... In this sense, the knowledge developed in the resolution of the challenge becomes actions that are projected in the form of service to people, intervention on the environment and specification of ideas with cultural productions. It allows schools to offer globalizing projects, in the autonomous management range available next year.

The program is aimed at all students of 3rd or 4th grade of ESO. Throughout the course the students will have to choose three projects. The projects belong to the following three areas: social and artistic, scientific and technological, and communicative. This allows each student to develop a personal curricular itinerary.

From the MMACA, the challenge of virtualization of some of the modules that we have in our headquarters in Cornellà was proposed and that the students, together with the teachers of the center, deployed in different ways.

Des d’aquí volem agrair a tot l’alumnat i el professorat que ha participat en les dues edicions del programa.

Algunes mostres dels treballs fets el curs 2022-2023:

Els centres participants han estat:

  • INS Antoni Cumella
  • INS Vilamajor
  • INS Domènec Perramon
  • INS Pla Marcell
  • INS Carles Vallbona
  • IE Eixample
  • INS Nicolau Copèrnic
  • INS Pere Fontdevila
  • INS Montsoriu
  • INS Teresa Pàmies
INS Antoni Cumella

Vuit grups treballant en molts mòduls:

Mosaics, quadrats grec-llatí, pont de Leonardo, L’home de Vitruvi, gratacels, caixa capgiradora.


Algunes mostres dels treballs fets el curs 2021-2022:

Els centres participants han estat:

  • Antoni Cumella Institute
  • Gurb Institute
  • Institute of the Voltegranès
  • Serra de Noet Institute
  • Vilamajor Institute
  • Eixample Institute-School
  • Guindàvols Institute
  • Josep Tapiró Institute
  • Nicholas Copernicus Institute
  • Teresa Pàmies Institute
Voltegranès Institute

Printing of the pieces for the Leonardo bridge with 3D

Voltegranès Institute

Virtual tour with your mobile phone.

Sam Loyd's optical illusions, panda and chess

Voltegranès Institute

Explanation of some modules in Catalan, Spanish and English



Vilamajor Institute

The Clown and the Mirror Programmed with GeoGebra

Eixample School Institute

The 7 Hexagons

Eixample School Institute

The 16 pieces of the Greco-Latin square for 3D printing

Eixample School Institute

The Greco-Latin square programmed with SCRATCH

Eixample School Institute

The Greco-Latin square explained in six languages