The MMACA association

Legally we are theAssociation to promote and create a Museum of Mathematics in Catalonia (MMACA). It was formally constituted on December 3, 2008 as a result of the previous work carried out within the framework of the Federation of Entities for the Teaching of Mathematics in Catalonia (FEEMCAT) to which the MMACA Association remains linked. 

The MMACA is considered heir to a long pedagogical tradition, which is why he has dedicated the rooms of the exhibition of Cornellà to Emma Castelnouvo, Martin Gardner, Pere Puig and Adam and Lluís Santaló. These personalities have been the references in a way of disseminating and teaching mathematics based on discovery, reasoning and manipulation.

emma castelnouvo
lluis santalo

Since its inception, we have been well received by the Catalan mathematical community both in the field of non-university education and in the university sphere, receiving the support of the Catalan Mathematical Society and the Department of Education.

The MMACA Association was born and operates as a non-profit organization in accordance with law 49/2002. In 2012, she was declared a public utility.  

In 2013, the City Council of Cornellà de Llobregat gave the MMACA the space of the Palau Mercader Museum to install a permanent exhibition.


Our goals

According to the statutes,the MMACA association was born with the aim of disseminating mathematics to improve its social image and to support schools in their work in the field of mathematics. 

The association works on the following general purposes:

These general purposes are specified in the following objectives and activities:

With the organization of exhibitions, training courses, street activities, collaborations and participation in events, the association works to disseminate and stimulate a positive social image of mathematics, bringing them closer to people through interactive experiences and manipulation activities.

The MMACA welcomes the spirit of the declaration of the 1st world conference of mathematics museums, MATRIX, held in September 2014 in Dresden (Germany) [web]. This statement defends the idea that, like a theorem, museum contributions that contribute to the dissemination of science must be shared and disseminated without pretensions of exclusivity. In fact, a large part of the modules of the different museums are implementations of previous ideas whose origin is often impossible to specify.

We work so that, very soon, the Museum of Mathematics of Catalonia reaches more places.