The book of geometry of Savasorda-Abraam bar Hiia

Lecture by Josep Tarrés i Turon

We continue wednesday's activities at mmaca with a new conference in which we will talk about Abraam bar Hiia, a mathematician, astronomer and philosopher who lived in 12th-century Barcelona 

The conference is structured in four blocks:

    1. First, approach Abraam bar Hiia (Savasorda) in the context of medieval times.
    2. Then, the 1116 edition of the Book of Geometry, and the vicissitudes of its publication in 1931 with the translation into Catalan by Josep Maria Millàs i Vallicrosa.
    3. In the third block, reflections are made on the "Book of Geometry" in accordance with the article by Josep Pla Carrera in the bulletin of the Catalan Mathematical Society that you can read here.
    4. Finally, some current considerations.

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