Catàleg de l'oferta del MMACA pel curs 2023-2024

Detail of our offer of visits, workshops, materials, and activities both in Cornellà and throughout the territory. 

MMACA Modules Catalog

Made in 2017, it contains the description and images of 91 of our modules.

Didactic guides

Didactic guides of the colleagues of Girona ADEMGI

17 modules explained and extended.

Statistics can be touched

Document created by the Catalan Society of Statistics with explanations and activities of seven modules of the Lluís Santaló Room dedicated to probability and statistics.

Screenplay to work in the rooms made by Toni Gomà and Daniel Bosch

Script to work in the different rooms of the MMACA prepared for the closing of the "Problems in the sprint" of April 3, 2019

Didactic guides of Marina Agudelo

10 didactic guides that are part of his Final Degree Project. 

Cut-outs and string games

The egg and the chicken

You can create a square that features a chicken, an egg, an egg and a chick.

Cut-out Instant Sums

You can build four prisms that allow you to make huge sums instantly.

Four sets of strings

Four amazing games with string, extracted from the wonderful book by Arvind Gupta

Two sets of symmetry

Trim the pieces and try to make a symmetrical figure. 

Cut-out three pyramids form a cube

You will be able to build 3 pyramids that form a cube, thus showing that the volume of the bodies finished in tip is 1/3 of the corresponding figure whole.