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We travel to your center, school, institute, library...  and youoffer a variety of workshops and activities that we adapt to each level and your needs!

A story told with triangular and square cushions. Full of challenges that spectators must solve with their pillows. Everyone can go out several times to try to solve them. In the end, children can make ways that colleagues have to guess.

We will see how to apply magic to learn mathematical concepts.
Once the games have been presented and explained, the students, working in groups, will practice and adapt them creating their own effect.

We will collectively build one or more domes 4 to 5 m in diameter and approximately 1 meter in height. The pieces overlap each other and no fastening is necessary. In 15 minutes you can lift the dome. Once built, we can enter and also lift it.

We will work in small groups manipulating pieces of wood in polygonal shapes. We will identify the pieces, study their characteristics, combine them to create new geometric shapes. 

We will build the pentominous, figures formed by 5 squares, we will discover how many there are. We will combine them forming rectangles and other figures, we will investigate its perimeter and its surface.

portable exhibition AT YOUR CENTER


We bring to your center the material of mmaca suitcases so that students can manipulate and interact with the modules.
The educators will present the material adapting the explanations to the level and course and will accompany their discovery, clarifying and resolving doubts.


You're probably wrong

Experiential workshop of exploration of games, and situations of chance where intuition can fail us. We will work in pairs, experience and collect data. Each activity is accompanied by a brainstorm and a mathematical explanation. In the end it ends with a mathematical "Bingo" where the students test what they have learned.

Note: The price of transport is 50€ in the metropolitan area of Barcelona and 0.9€/km outside the metropolitan area. For some workshops, you must hire at least two sessions (you will find it specified in the information page of each workshop).

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