MMACA manipulative material

We think that the proposed modules:

  1. They promote a learning of competence.
  2. They offer significant activities based on problem solving and challenges (variable analysis, reduced complexity, verification of results) that adapt to all ages and levels.
  3. They are open to a holistic vision and the enrichment of the contents in other scientific disciplines and also in the field of art and history.

From the classroom to the museum... and the museum in the classroom!

One of the founding objectives of MMACA is to support the school from outside the school.  In order to maintain and reinforce this collaboration, we have prepared these suitcases with materials and activities.

Each suitcase consists of more than twenty modules. The modules are formed by:

  1. A FOREX panel of 3 mm thickness A3 or A4 with instructions and illustrations.
  2. The corresponding pieces.

With this material we want to give continuity of the museum experience and promote work in the classroom.

The simple characteristics of the modules of the suitcases allow to be copied and reproduced in the school, so that all students can work them simultaneously. 

Luggage material is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Creative Commons Shared Non-Commercial Attribution Equal 4.0 International.


material included in the suitcases

All the materials, both from the free workshop and for work in the classroom or in the guided workshop are available to be downloaded and produced, printing them on cardboard and plasticizing them or using the templates. The same students can adapt and build these materials. The process of building materials is the intermediate step between the manipulation of the modules and the construction of the concepts. In this sense, it is important to take advantage of the opportunities to involve students in the design of materials and activities. In the event that the project stimulates the adaptation or production of new materials, we would like to be able to collect them, in the optics of a collaborative work.

The activities and materials designed for the work in the classroom or in the guided workshop need more input from the teaching staff to introduce them and adapt them to the situation of the students. It includes a guide of complementary activities or a complete guide of activities and Presentations Power Point.

Suitcases available


Geometry and strategy


Calculus, statistics, probability and miscellaneous


Geometry and strategy


Calculation and strategy

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