The SMEM project, an Erasmus+ project of the European Union

The main idea of the project "SMEM Significant Mathematics for Early Mathematics" is to improve and expand learning opportunities for students between 3 and 8 years old and their teachers.

To do this, we will develop gamified and non-formal tools in the style of museum exhibitions. These exhibitions will be available in various forms (ready to use, pop-up, hybrid, reproducible).





24 months, from January 2022 to December 2023)

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The objectives are:

● Change the more traditional methods of teaching Mathematics and offer teachers powerful tools to create "rich" activities from early childhood.
● Analyse the curing plans for early childhood education and discover its roots
mathematics. Help work on the basic mathematical concepts for future learning from higher levels.
● Contribute to reducing the gender gap in the choice of STEM-related studies, given the relevant role that mathematics play in all these disciplines.
● Foster creativity and skills focused on human beings, such as cooperation, empathy, social awareness and global citizenship
● To approach the basic concepts, processes and ways of thinking mathematically through friendly approaches, to combat the false sense that it is a boring, difficult and highly specialized subject for
only a small part of the population.
● Entertain and bring a cheerful mathematical experience

The most important result of SMEM will be the design and creation of open educational resources in 6 languages for people involved in the education sector. Allow
discover, use, create and share exhibitions of basic non-formal mathematics.

 This includes:

    • A physical exhibition of 5 manipulable modules and 2 digital modules with their manual.
    • A didactic suitcase and a user manual that includes a collection of 15 manipulable modules and 5 digital modules that form a pop-up exhibition (easy and fast to assemble and disassemble) for schools, libraries and various informal learning spaces.
    • A Didactic Guide for workshops related to exhibitions and suitcase for
      combining non-formal teaching with formal application in the classroom while allowing its independent use.