The four annual mathematical festivals

We organize four unique Sundays every year where we leave the exterior of Can Mercader offering games, activities, challenges and workshops for all ages.

Martin Gardner's Day

(Sunday close to October 21st the date of birth)

Opening anniversary of the Cornella exhibition

(first or second Sunday in February)

PI Day

(Sunday close to the month 3 (March), day 14)

School Day of Mathematics 

 (Sunday close to May 12)

Activities carried out


  • 42 cúpules simultànies
  • Conferència de Guillermo Fernandez
  • Exposició d’escultures possibles-impossibles
  • Festa familiar al parc
  • Tetraedre de Sierpiski de globus
  • i molt més  


Stalls, games and workshops in Mercader Park

Stalls, games and workshops in Mercader Park

Stalls, games and workshops in Mercader Park


Workshop: Dynamic modular origami

By Pura Fornals and Carlos Luna

International Day of Mathematical Women and School Day in Mathematics

Stalls, games and workshops in Mercader Park

Conference-workshop: Reversible magic squares and other numerical games

By Joan Folguera

Barcelona Science Festival

Once again we have participated with challenge stops and games and workshop of domes of Leonardo

8th anniversary party

Stalls, games, workshops, mathematical bingo in Mercader Park

A date noted 22-2-22

Lecture by Jordi Deulofeu

PI Day 2022

Stalls, games and workshops in Mercader Park


Game design and numbering systems

by Artur Antúnez


Workshop: 6 games on 5x5 board

By Carlos Luna

Face-to-face and online workshop of the SET group

Play and work with mathematics

Lecture by Josep Tarrés

The book of geometry of Savasorda-Abraam bar Hiia

Collective conference


Activities in the Park

Martin Gardner's Day

The night of the museums

Workshop led by Mónica Rosado and Luís Cros

Mathematics to learn about new games

Mathematical ornaments workshop

Exhibition and workshop: Creation of a zootrope

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Lecture by Joan Vicenç Gómez Urgellés

Defying Euclid

Lecture by Bernat Espigulé

Complex trees and self-similar sets

12 hours of mathematical dissemination

The MMACA Marathon


Workshop led by Pura Fornals

Christmas cards

Workshop by Pura Fornals

Let's play with the numbers

Workshop led by Enric Brasó


Lectures by James Tanton, David Martin, Chris Brownell, Adrian Paenza and Caroline Ainsilie

Cycle of international conferences

Lecture by Josep Massalles

Galileo's legacy

Videos during confinement