The Workshop

The workshop consists of the collective construction of one or more domes about 4 m in diameter and approximately one meter in height.

It begins with a small explanation of the activity and how to place the poles.
Construction begins step by step with the participation of everyone, in a matter of 10 minutes it is already visible how it grows and rises.
Once built, the little ones can enter it. You can also lift all if there are enough participants to hold all the poles on the perimeter.  It is a peak of coordinated work that allows you to see the plot of poles from below.
Because the poles hold each other, when one fails, everything falls chainly.
Although it depends on the available time and the group, usually in a one-hour workshop, there is time to make a second dome.

These three-dimensional structures with sticks that hold each other appear in the writings of the brilliant Leonardo da Vinci 

The contemporary sculptor Rinus Roelofs rediscovered these drawings, studied them and created magnificent sculptural derivations from them.
Inspired by them, the MMACA has developed the LEONARDOME design of these bastons with 4 notches.

No other joining element is necessary, the same weight of the pieces is enough to maintain their stability.
Although there are infinite possible construction patterns, for the workshop we propose 11 simple models


to school groups

To the school groups that visit us at the Mercader Palace. We adapt it to the age of each group from 5 years old to university students.


families and the general public

Every Sunday morning from 10 am to 11 am the dome workshop is organized in the Mercader Palace. Please note that prior reservation is required.


schools, schools, fairs and street parties

We travel to schools, libraries, centers, fairs and street parties and adapt the workshop to your demands and needs, whether they are recreational, framed in an academic plan, or teacher training.

The LEONARDOME project is a collaboration between MILANTA.NET , IURIS. DOC and MMACA with the aim of disseminating and marketing this material.
On the web you can LEONARDOME.COM :

      • acquire the box with 250 pieces
      • the box with 50 pieces
      • hire a workshop
      • request the temporary rental

Pedagogical elements of the Workshop

Who was Leonardo da Vinci, the origins, the patterns

Tabletop domes

In our store you can buy this desktop version in family or school version. The accompanying instruction book allows you to easily build the 11 models.

Un full amb un exercici d'aparellament entre les connexions d'un bastó i el patró resultant