Family workshop

by Carlos Luna Mota

Wednesday, 17 November 2021 at 18:00

Mercader Palace - Can Mercader Park - Cornellà de Llobregat

Our partner Carlos Luna (on twitter: @Carlos_LunaMota) will present the collection he has made of 6 board games with a common thread: all of them are played on the same board, that of 5×5 boxes.

The games that will be presented are the following:

    • Alquerc, a traditional game ancestor of ladies
    • Catch the hare: Probably the first asymmetrical game in history.
    • Fanoron-Dimy: The easiest version of a really complex game.
    • Neutreeko: A kind of 3-line on ice to burn your neurons.
    • Vankriget: A game where removing pieces from the opposite is often a bad idea.
    • Trianon: A simple anti-3-online that you can also play with paper and pencil.

The activity is face-to-face at the Mercader Palace, but will be recorded on our YouTube channel. We invite you to participate!

Places are limited to 20 people. You can book yours by registering at

We invite you to participate!

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