Build a bridge without any fastening

Aquesta estructura ideada per Leonardo da Vinci fa més de 500 anys, no utilitza cap element de subjecció entre els bastons, la mateixa gravetat manté els pals encaixats. 
Hi ha dos tipus de bastons, els travessers que no tenen osques i els longitudinals amb tres encaixos.
Cal seguir la il·lustració pas a pas.

 Sheet 71 of the Codex Atlantico by Leonardo da Vinci

Construction of the Leonardo Bridge in Mercader Park on 6/2/2022 at the MMACA's 8th anniversary party. 

Historical context: the bridge in the real world.

Although we have no record of this bridge being really built in Leonardo's time, due to its clarity of design, ease of construction and simplicity it is very possible that they are brought to reality.

In fact it has been brought to reality, there are bridges all over the world that use this idea, it is a repeated element in science museums, there are festivals and public events where it is built in an ephemeral way.

Related material: The Domes of Leonardo

The very idea of the bridge that works in one direction, can be extended in two directions, the structures obtained are domes instead of bridges. 


The didactic material LEONARDOME

You can purchase the pieces for Leonardo's dome workshop through the website:

The large box with 250 pieces allows to build domes up to 5 m in diameter within which the whole group can enter.

The box with 50 pieces allows to lift the same domes of 2 m in diameter.