With 9 squares 

It forms a 3×3 square so that the colors of the sides in contact match.

9 squad

To keep thinking:

  • There are equal pieces, can you find them?
  • Could the 9 different squares be made?
  • If you have already found a solution, can you find another one?

With 7 hexagons

Place 6 hexagons around another, so that the adjacent colors match.


Steps to solve it

  • You have to recognize the seven pieces and see their similarities and differences.
  • The mosaic is built by affinity of colors.
  • You need to put one in the middle and try to build the figure. When that doesn't turn out, change the middle one.
  • You have to discard hexagons until you find the only one that can be in this position. (it is discreetly marked on the back in case the visitor needs help).