All relevant information before coming

How and when do I have to make the payment?

Once we have confirmed your reservation you will receive an email with the pro forma invoice attached. There, the account number where the transfer of the amount of the activities must be made will be indicated. 

It is necessary to make the payment, at the latest, 30 days before departure. In order to carry out the activities, we must have received the payment beforehand. If due to exceptional circumstances it is not possible for you to make the payment within the indicated period, you must call 665 233 448 or send an email to to notify us. Otherwise, with prior notice, the reservation will be cancelled.

Can I modify or cancel the reservation?

Yes, but you must inform at least 15 days in advance of the scheduled day of visit (if possible earlier, better) by sending an email to or by calling 665 233 448 specifying the identifier of the reservation. In case of not informing within the period, the cost of the activities will not be returned.

Number of students

The number of students per group cannot exceed 25 students in the case of 1st to 4th grade of primary school or 30 students in the case of 5th grade onwards. 


Punctuality is very important: If the group arrives later than the reserved time, the activity cannot be extended beyond the expected time of completion. The museum reserves the right not to do the activity if the delay is more than 30 minutes.

Is prior preparation required?

It is not necessary that the students have done a specific previous work to carry out the activities. 

Do I need to bring material?

Only one pen will be needed for each of the groups of 5-6 students of the gymkhana. No material is needed for all other activities. 

How to get to MMACA?

You will find us at Palau Mercader, Carretera Hospitalet, s/n, 08940, Cornellà de Llobregat. The museum is located in the Mercader Palace building, located in the Mercader Park; a very large and beautiful park that has public baths, water fountain and play area and picnic area. 

What should we do when we arrive?

At the indicated time of the start of the activities our educators will come to receive you right in front of our building, you will have to wait there. 

Information about the activities

  • The activities Workshop of the domes of Leonardo and Mathematical Gymkhana will be carried out outside, in the area of the park near the museum. The rest of the activities are inside, in the Mercader Palace.
  • For the gymkhana you must bring organized small groups of 5-6 students who will carry out the activity freely in the park. Each small group must carry a pen. 
  • Due to capacity issues, free access to the museum rooms is not possible, if you have not booked the activity of the visit, you will not be able to access the rooms.

What happens if it rains?

In case of rain the workshop of the domes will be carried out under cover and the gymkhana will be replaced by a strategy game workshop. In the park there is a covered part where you can have breakfast or lunch sheltered. The rest of the activities are carried out inside the building, therefore they are not affected.

Operating protocol

  • The MMACA is located within the Mercader Palace, a historic building of municipal heritage. For this reason, even more, it is necessary to respect the basic rules of behavior: do not eat or drink, do not chew gum, do not run or scream, etc.
  • An educator of the museum will receive the group at the beginning of the activities and will be with them until the end. At least one of the accompanying teachers must always be present supporting the MMACA educator.
  • If during the visit a student has to go to the toilet, he will be accompanied by a teacher.
  • The profesorado will have to give the pertinent permissions to the alumnado with regard to the use of the mobile.
  • Photographs can be taken.

And after the visit...

You will receive an email survey to assess the activities carried out. Your comments will allow us to improve our work.

We hope you enjoy the visit!