We will use mathematics to do magic tricks

What are we going to do in the workshop?

Magic awakens curiosity and curiosity is the most direct path for internal learning motivation. Thus, in this workshop will see how to apply magic as a didactic resource to learn mathematical concepts.

A couple of magic games will be presented and then you will see your explanation and relationship with mathematics. Then the students, working in groups of 2 or 3, will be able to learn the effect of magic, understand it and adapt it to make its own effect.

They will learn mathematical concepts from some magic games (arithmetic, algebra, problem solving, geometry...)

It greatly enhances the contextualization of mathematics, nonverbal language and creativity.

More information about the activity

Learning objectives

See mathematics in a much more playful context.
Mathematically modeling instructions.
Problem solving in context.
Enhancing nonverbal language and creativity.
Enjoy mathematics and enhance the mathematical conversation.


Presentation of the effects of magic and subsequent mathematical analysis. The students learn the effect, their mathematical explanation and the contents that are put in context, and then apply and adapt what they learned to create their own magic effect.

Evaluation criteria

Learn how to perform the effects of magic.
Mathematically model the effects of magic.
Understand the mathematical concepts that appear in them.
Create a magic effect with your own discourse applying what you have learned.

Basic competences


Specific to living together and inhabiting the world



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