Put the plastic figures in the circle of light and observe the sections.

This ring has red LED lights inside that precisely illuminate the objects inside. 

Putting inside, for example, the plastic cube can see its sections: square, rectangle, triangle, diamond, pentagon and even regular hexagon.

If we put the cone we will see its sections: circle, ellipse, hyperbola and parable. As we can also see in the Apollonian cone, the module next door.


This module is an exchange with MOMATH in New York with which we collaborate continuously.

The "ring of fire" is one of its emblematic modules, in contrast to MOMATH they have our polyhedral kaleidoscopics.

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Other Modules

In this module the circumferences of different sizes can roll on another fixed, the gears allow to do it without slipping. The curves obtained are hypocycloids (if rolled inside) and hypocycloids (if rolled on the outside). Depending on the relative sizes of the fixed circumference and the one that rolls, the different types of these curves are obtained.

The 5 pieces of wood of different shades with which this cone is built show the 4 types of sections: Circumference, ellipse, parabola and hyperbola.

The first part consists of a gear of 50 teeth inside which can rotate a circle of 25 teeth, the 5 color points of the circle follow the 5 diameters. The second part is a pentagonal piece with the 5 color vertices located in the same position as before. The pentagon can rotate gently thanks to the laces inserted in the trenches built as the diameters of the first part.